• McTimoney Chiropractic, Gentle realignment helping with pain and posture.

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Welcome to Anchor Chiropractic

Anchor Chiropractic Clinic, Nuneaton. Tony Worton is a fully qualified Chiropractor. My philosophy is to inspire and empower you and your family to take a pro-active approach to your health and improving your quality of life by providing McTimoney Chiropractic treatments and FREE advice. (Get in Touch)

  • McTimoney Chiropractic treatments can provide a gentle but effective relief for many types of back pain, neck pain, joint pains and minor sports injuries
  • Chiropractic care may relieve pain and discomfort and increase mobility by restoring correct nerve function.
  • Gentle chiropractic adjustment of the whole musculoskeletal system may also help relieve other problems such as digestion, cramp, circulatory, muscle spasms, neuralgia, arthritic and rheumatic pain
  • I provide quality Chiropractic healthcare at reasonable rates and will always strive to do the best for my patients in their particular circumstances, making the therapies affordable to everyone.
  • I try to inform as well as heal during the chiropractic treatment, in order to facilitate and empower my patients in their own healing process. I endeavour to find the combination of therapies that most suits each individual patient.

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“I have no hesitation in recommending Tony Worton or the McTimoney method of Chiropractic to anyone.”