Anchor Chiropractic: Case Studies & Testimonials

“After suffering chronic back pain over Christmas and New Year this year, I made an appointment with my GP. After several prescriptions for various anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers, with no real reprieve from the pain or lack of movement, I searched the internet for any type of alternative treatments. I read up on Chiropractic treatments and decided to try the McTimoney method. After checking recommendations I found a local Chiropractor, Tony Worton and made an appointment. After my first treatment I realised my condition was a lot more deep-seated than I had realised. With a slipped disc, twists in my spine and neck problems, I started my treatment with Tony in mid January, Starting with appointments weekly, then onto two weekly sessions, leading to 5 weekly appointments later. Tony worked on my alignment, posture, and movement and I started to feel the benefits. After realising I had been abusing my back for almost all of my working life, I had to make some life changes. Working with Tony for 5 months now, I have regained full movement and flexibility with no pain and my back feeling better and stronger than it has done in years. This is something I could only of dreamed of at Christmas, if indeed I had been able to sleep! I have no hesitation in recommending Tony Worton or the McTimoney method of Chiropractic to anyone.”
"My job involves sitting at a computer and I was regularly visiting a diversified chiropractor to relieve my stiff shoulders and neck pain. I found the diversified treatment ok but felt that I wanted more than a quick 10 minute treatment that only treated my shoulders/neck. Luckily I found Tony via his website and the rest is history! The McTimoney treatment is gentle but highly effective and Tony takes his time to make sure my pelvis and spine are in alignment as well as relieving the pain and tightness that I regularly felt in my shoulders/neck. Although my job still involves sitting at a computer, I find that with regular check ups with Tony that the pain and stiffness is greatly reduced and I now book a 6 month check up with Tony just like I would with the dentist so that he can address any issues before they turn into bigger problems. Thank you Tony, you're a god send!"

Janet, Nuneaton

"15 months ago I suffered from constant severe back pain and only got through the day by taking strong painkillers. Then I had a course of McTimoney Chiropractic treatments which have changed my life completely. I met Tony Worton, McTimoney Chiropractor, at a time when I had reached desperation point after months of debilitating back pain. In 2007 I suffered a bad fall which jarred my back. At first I felt ok but then I gradually developed increasingly severe back pain and occasional shooting pains down my left leg. My GP prescribed painkillers; my osteopath provided me with limited relief. A few months later I was in constant severe pain and needed help to get in and out of bed, the car, etc. An X-ray revealed a curved spine, two compressed discs and signs of osteoarthritis, I was prescribed stronger painkillers. However, by this stage I was also suffering with bowel and bladder problems. Luckily, a friend recommended McTimoney Chiropractic to me and the rest is history! I had an initial consultation and treatment with Tony Worton at the Natural Health Centre. Tony explained to me that the two compressed discs were pressing on the nerves that served the bowel and bladder and my pelvis was twisted and tilted. After the first treatment he relieved the pressure on the compressed discs and I felt some immediate relief from the severe pain, with the bowel and bladder problems improving dramatically. Over the next twelve months of first weekly then monthly treatments, all my symptoms have disappeared. I have been largely pain-free for the last 6 months and am now seeing Tony every 3 months for maintenance. I am so grateful to my friend who recommended McTimoney Chiropractic to me, as I no longer take the strong painkillers and can live my life free from the debilitating back pain that I had suffered from for so long."

Thelma A, Shrewsbury

“The first time I came to visit you at your clinic I was in a lot of pain. My hips and shoulders were out of alignment, my ligaments were hurting, there was no suppleness in my muscles and the only way to stop it was by cracking my joints. After an hour and a half of treatment, my muscles had softened up, my ligaments and joints no longer needed to be cracked and my hips were realigned, making me walk straighter. After a further treatment I felt much better. I would like to offer my thanks to Tony for getting rid of my pain and giving me some tips on self help. I would recommend for anyone in pain to go and see him.”